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Edelweiss Textile Factory is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of legwear garment around the CIS with optimal ratio of democratic price and high quality. The production complies with all requirements of the State Standard. We value our long-standing reputation and for this reason when you order goods at our factory you will chose reliable and long-term partner!

We offer the following comfortable, soft and with original design:

  • stockings for women and children;
  • socks for men, women and children;
  • knee-length socks for women and children;
  • leggings, stockings for women.

Goods for children manufactured by Edelweiss Textile Factory in full size range, from 12 size (for babies) up to 20 size (for teen-agers) made from naturalknitting-cotton. Unusually soft, comfortable sole-coloured pantyhose are liked by both children and their parents. The goods are notable for their high hygienic properties, tight-fitting on the leg and absence of “dropping knees” in stockings but the most important is that they are manufactured from natural cotton.

Developing the assortment of goods for women, we provide not only maximum comfort and softness of the goods but also accentuate the gracefulness of women legs. In accordance with the tendencies of the current fashion, the assortment of goods for women is represented in different color scales and with original image with application of cotton and lycra. Under the manufacturing of pantyhose, stockings and socks for women we try to satisfy the most exquisite demands of women.

Goods for menare classical, cotton and always universal. They are comfortable and practical, perfectly combines with garment of different styles. Hardwearing, tight-fitting and supporting the foot socks provide comfort in any kind of footwear. High-qualitative raw materials of local and foreign manufacturers are used under production of socks.Turkish origin etc.

This gives us the possibility to manufacture classical and exclusive models of complete size range and color scale for wholesale trade.The main raw material for manufacturing of our legwear garment is 100% knitting-cotton and wool yarn. These materials provide the high strength and high-temperature stability of production. Polyether additives such as lycra and nylon provide the high wear resistance and elasticity.

The manufacturing process is under close multisample inspection of quality: beginning from receipt of raw materials to the factory up to output of manufactured goods. Technological control of manufacture is performed by qualified and experienced workers of the factory, that guarantee the quality of every finished unit of goods. A product with the smallest defect does not get to the package workshop.

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