Edelweiss Textile Trade Nameis one of the leading and the largest manufacturer of legwear garment in Kyrgyzstan. Our production has been known to the consumer for 70 years already as a production of 100% quality manufacture in accordance with all requirements of State Standard of the Kyrgyz Republic and Russian Federation. Nowadays we’re given confidence of million of consumers all over the CIS and near and far abroad countries, as Edelweiss Textile has a long experience of manufacturing of practical, qualitative and prettiest legwear garment and it uses only natural, pollution-free and  nonhazardous materials under manufacturing of its production, which provide comfort and perfect appearance of our goods. A wide assortment of socks, stockings, leggings, knee-length socks for children and adults shall satisfy even the most demanding consumers.Edelweiss Textile Trade Name is registered since 2009 by Edelweiss JSC, one of the oldest Kyrgyz manufacturers of legwear garment. Nowadays, as well as many years ago, Edelweiss Textile manufactures goods, conforming to requirements of the State Standard.  From year to year, more and more consumers prefer just the production of our trade mark. The assortment of Edelweiss Textile includes 75 product range among which is the great diversity of products both for children and adults.The credo of our factory is Wear garment that is not interfere with your health!All production is manufactured at production site of Com-Edelweiss-KJ LLC in Bishkek. It is total area is of 3,000 sq.m. Our factory is equipped with the following modern industrial equipment:

  • knitting machines of Korean origin: KT 607 TM 3,75/KT 607 TM 3,5 / KT 607;
  • knitting machines 2 AH-14 class;
  • knitting machines DERA of Czech origin;
  • sewing machines Mauser Lok, Textima, HORNEY, IVAR, PROTEX;
  • industrial sergers;
  • hosiery-boarding machines UMOT, drying machines of Turkish origin etc.

This gives us the possibility to manufacture classical and exclusive models of complete size range and color scale for wholesale trade.The main raw material for manufacturing of our legwear garment is 100% knitting-cotton and wool yarn. These materials provide the high strength and high-temperature stability of production. Polyether additives such as lycra and nylon provide the high wear resistance and elasticity. The manufacturing process is under close multisample inspection of quality: beginning from receipt of raw materials to the factory up to output of manufactured goods. Technological control of manufacture is performed by qualified and experienced workers of the factory, that guarantee the quality of every finished unit of goods. A product with the smallest defect does not get to the package workshop. 

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